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Funding Limitations


The Moriah Fund no longer accepts or reviews unsolicited proposals. Our grantmaking is by invitation-only.


Funding is limited to areas described in our Program Guidelines. Moriah does not provide support for individuals, private foundations, the arts, films or videos, medical research, lobbying or political campaigns.


The Israel Program gives priority to grassroots and community-based organizations, advocacy activities, and the development of model programs that can affect national policies. In general, Moriah does not fund service delivery projects, nor does it provide funds for the arts, medical or academic research, private foundations, or scholarships or grants to individuals. The Israel Program no longer provides support for co-existence, environment, and religious pluralism programs. Inquiries about funding for the CIS immigrant population should be directed to the New Israel Fund.

Economic Justice:

The Economic Justice Program does not invite proposals from direct service organizations. Support for work on state level policy issues is limited to the District of Columbia and Virginia.  Moriah does not provide support for medical research, scholarships or grants to individuals.

Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health:

The Women's Rights and Reproductive Health Program supports programs that are international in scope, or that focus on the United States. In the United States, the program funds only national reproductive justice policy and advocacy; it does not accept proposals for local projects. The WRRH program does not provide funds for reproductive justice basic research, unless it is part of an explicit strategy for policy reform. The program does not fund direct services, unless they are designed to influence public policy, and/or strengthen women's leadership and rights. Finally, the program does not provide support for microcredit, education, arts or general health programs, nor does it fund video productions, medical research, scholarships or grants to individuals.



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