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The Moriah Fund

Human Rights
Reducing Poverty
Women's Rights

Fostering International Development and Trade

From 1999-2009, the Moriah Fund supported efforts to promote human rights and social justice in Guatemala and to reform international financial institutions and trade policy so that they better protect and advance the well-being and rights of communities in the global south.  Unfortunately, in 2008, Moriah suffered a steep decline in its assets and, as a result, decided to close its Guatemala and International Development & Trade programs.  The Moriah board made this decision with deep regret, as it has greatly valued the work of its grantees in these two program areas.

As of January 1st, 2010, the Moriah Fund will no longer accept proposals for work in Guatemala, nor will we consider unsolicited proposals on international development and trade policy. For information on our ongoing program areas, please look at our funding guidelines and limitations.


We support efforts to ensure that international institutions adopt open, participatory processes and implement policies and practices to promote human rights and social justice.

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