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Human Rights

Israel Program Grantmaking Guidelines

Program Focus

The Moriah Fund supports organizations working to establish a society in Israel based on principles of social justice and equality of rights and opportunities. Within this broad mandate, Moriah works with the Ethiopian community to enhance Ethiopian leadership, organizations, and education opportunities and Moriah focuses on equality for Arab citizens of Israel, with an emphasis on Bedouin and women. We also work with the New Israel Fund to support civil and human rights and to develop a diverse, empowered civil society.

Funding Strategies

Moriah provides funds for advocacy, public education and coalition work; training and leadership development; innovative model programs and program evaluation; technical assistance; and policy analysis.

Moriah looks for programs that promote systemic change, through improvement of national and local government policies and practices; leveraging of additional public or private support; and replication of successful programs and dissemination of knowledge gathered.

Program Goals/Principles

  • To help the most disadvantaged and marginal members of society gain self-sufficiency and control over their own lives and to develop leadership among these populations.
  • To promote the meaningful participation of constituent populations in project design, implementation and decision-making processes that will affect their communities, with an emphasis on diversifying the boards and staff of nongovernmental organizations to be inclusive of their constituent populations.
  • To encourage the Israeli government to provide equitable and appropriate services and to guarantee the civil and human rights of all its citizens and residents.
  • To foster cooperative efforts among organizations and individuals working to advance Moriah goals in Israel.

Program Limitations

The Israel Program seeks to empower Palestinian-Israelis, and Ethiopian Israelis in their struggle to attain civic equality and equitable opportunities. Priority is given to grassroots and community based organizations, advocacy activities, and the development of model programs that can affect national policies. In general, Moriah does not fund service delivery projects, nor projects that are initiated by governmental or quasi-governmental agencies. The Israel Program does not provide support in the fields of co-existence, environment, and religious pluralism. Nor does Moriah provide funds for capital and political campaigns, the arts, medical and academic research, private foundations, and scholarships or grants to individuals.

Contact Information

Moriah is not currently accepting unsolicited applications.

Letters of inquiry and proposals should be sent to:
Don Futterman
Program Director, Israel
The Moriah Fund
18 Weizman Street

Kfar Saba 44247, Israel

If you would like to submit a letter of inquiry or proposal by email, please mail it as an attachment to bkallus@netvision.net.il

All Israel proposals must be sent to Israel, not to the U.S. office.







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