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Promoting Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health

Moriah's program seeks to:

  • transform the legal, political, economic and cultural structures that sustain gender discrimination and violence and that limit women's full participation in society; and
  • enable women to manage their own fertility and protect and promote their sexual and reproductive health.


Women’s Rights & Reproductive Health Program Grantmaking Guidelines

The Moriah Fund seeks to build a world in which women have the resources, rights and power they need to be  full and equal actors in their families, communities and the world at large. To this end, we have selected two interrelated priorities:   promoting reproductive health and rights; and advancing women's human rights.  In both these areas, we place an emphasis on the health, rights and leadership of the most vulnerable women, that is, those marginalized by race, ethnicity, economic or immigration status or other social inequities.

Funding Priorities

Moriah supports efforts to:

  • Improve policies and practices to ensure access to comprehensive reproductive health care for low-income women in the United States;
  • Develop new and diverse leadership to advance the movement for reproductive rights and justice in the United States;
  • Protect the rights of immigrant and refugee women, particularly those fleeing gender-based abuse;
  • Strengthen U.S. foreign assistance policies and practices to advance women's rights and health; and
  • Expand international human rights advocacy so that it addresses gender-specific discrimination, violence and abuse and holds governments accountable to new standards of equity, opportunity, safety and freedom for women.


Funding Strategies

Moriah provides funds for institutional (general) support and capacity building; policy analysis and advocacy; and technical assistance and leadership development. In all its funding, Moriah looks for programs that have an impact beyond their own constituencies through information dissemination and sharing of lessons learned, leveraging of additional public or private support, and advocacy to promote systemic change. We give priority to programs that directly involve project beneficiaries in all levels of project design, implementation, management and evaluation.


Program Limitations

The Women's Rights and Reproductive Health Program supports programs that focus on the United States or that are international in scope. The program no longer accepts proposals for country-specific programs outside the United States. In the United States, the program funds only national policy and advocacy; it does not accept proposals for state or local projects, nor does it fund service delivery.

The Women's Rights Program does not provide funds for research or for direct services, unless they are designed to influence public policy and strengthen women's leadership and rights. We do not fund microcredit programs, arts, or general health programs, nor do we provide support for medical research, video productions, scholarships or grants to individuals.


Contact Information

The Moriah Fund does not accept unsolicited proposals. Letters of inquiry should be submitted by email to inquiry@moriahfund.org; they may also be sent to:

The Moriah Fund
One Farragut Square South
1634 I Street, NW
Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20006-4003


Transform the legal, political, economic and cultural structures that sustain gender discrimination and violence and that limit women's full participation in society.

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