The First Days of the Moriah Fund

Robert & Clarence Efroymson found Moriah by joining their individual foundations. Mary Ann Stein becomes the President and establishes its program areas to address human and civil rights both in the United States and Israel, women’s rights and reproductive health, as well as conservation and environmental issues.


The Efroymson Fund

The Efroymson Fund is established at the Central Indiana Community Foundation with a $90 million grant from The Moriah Fund.


The Global Campaign for Microbicides

Mary Ann Stein helps launch the Global Campaign for Microbicides. Working with the organization’s executive director, Lori Heise, Mary Ann’s backing and leadership helped the Campaign to raise more than $40 million in two years.


The Fund for Global Human Rights

Mary Ann Stein becomes the founding chair of the Fund for Global Human Rights. Since its founding, it has has made more than $100 million in grants to more than 680 organizations around the world.


Israel Center for Educational Innovation founded

Mary Ann Stein establishes the Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) aimed at dramatically improving literacy outcomes among Israel’s Ethiopian immigrants. By 2021, ICEI now serves more than 8,000 students per year across 27 schools in 14 municipalities in Israel.


The Future of Moriah

After running Moriah for 35 years, Mary Ann Stein hands leadership over the next generation to build on the past and carry on the family’s significant philanthropic commitment into the future.

Established in 1985 to perpetuate the lifelong philanthropic commitment of its founders, our fund’s philosophy is rooted in fundamental Jewish values: a concern for the disadvantaged and an emphasis on self-help; a commitment to equity and justice.