“It is our conviction that those who can, must participate to the fullest efforts to improve conditions for those less fortunate; we also demonstrate our belief that our grantees have the wisdom, dedication and creativity to make a difference.”

Mary Ann Stein, Founding President



Moriah works to strengthen democracy by supporting organizations and networks that:

  • Expand student-led civic engagement activities
  • Address polarization, disinformation and extremism
  • Increase voter participation



Moriah’s Israel program places an emphasis on strengthening democracy and supporting the development of Israeli organizations that promote:

  • Democracy and social justice
  • Civil and human rights
  • Educational and economic opportunities for the disadvantaged



Moriah seeks to address educational inequities by expanding opportunities for underserved students. Our grant-making focuses on programs that support:

  • Educational innovations that improve academic, social, and emotional learning
  • Extended learning and mentorship opportunities for marginalized students
  • Educators who reflect the diversity of their students


Women’s Rights & Reproductive Health

Moriah supports programs promoting women’s and girls’ access to quality health care and reproductive services. Post-Dobbs, when these basic rights are increasingly under attack here in the United States, advocacy and policy work are particularly critical. Our support includes funding programs working to ensure:

  • Access to quality care for women and girls
  • Women’s rights remain human rights
  • Legislative and judicial initiatives do not turn the clock back to a time before Roe v. Wade


Human Rights

The Moriah Fund has a strong commitment to human rights and funds a variety of human rights efforts throughout its program areas. For example, within the Israel program, we place an emphasis on the rights of Arab and Ethiopian citizens of Israel, and in the Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health program, we devote a portion of our grantmaking to organizations that integrate human rights strategies and mechanisms into efforts to promote women’s rights.

In addition, we make a small number of grants to support other human rights programs. Our primary focus here is our support for the Fund for Global Human Rights, co-founded by Mary Ann Stein, which is raising and directing funds to frontline, in-country human rights activists worldwide.


Racial Justice

In 2020 Moriah launched the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund, a pooled racial justice fund that includes 18 partners and has made more than 120 awards. All funding decisions are made by a group of luminary Black leaders who are focused on efforts that:

  • Support national and community leaders who are addressing disparities in access to education, justice, healthcare, jobs, and the right to vote
  • Elevate the voices of Black leaders at the forefront of addressing structural and systemic racism in America
  • Focus on building a fair, equitable, and anti-racist America that reflects the best of humanity

Our Grants

Our grants help to promote democratic principles, support high-quality education and promote human rights for all.